Book & Toy Swap Planning

The Eco-Parents group is planning on hosting a toy/children's book swap in early Feb. and we could use some input on how to put it together.  Lauren Reinhold and Kim Bellemere are meeting on Monday January 11 to talk about some of the specifics.  I know that's short notice but we'll be getting back together soon to do more work. 
Basically, it will be similar to the clothing swap (which we'll be hosting again in the early spring) and we'll only accept CLEAN, toys and books in good/complete condition.  I assume this will be a smaller undertaking but help is still very much appreciated.
If you're interested, please let Kim know.  The possibility exists that we may host a few different types of swaps over the course of the next year which will be somewhat fun.  It's a good way to share resources and keep more usable items out of the landfill and in circulation.
Thanks for your help and if you think of anyone else who would be interested, please tell them about it.

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