Fall Clothing Swap Guidelines

The Fall Children's Clothing Swap guidelines have been posted!  We're looking for a great turnout on Oct. 16th.  

For those of you who haven't been to an EP clothing swap before, please read on for information about what to bring and how things work.  Last spring we had approx. 2800 articles of clothing come in the door with over 1600 leaving with participants.  All of the remaining clothing was donated to area non-profits.  With that many items coming in, we know everyone can find something they like and need!

Eco-Parents is a green parenting interest group of the Lawrence Sustainability Network.  We are all simply community volunteers who gather together to enjoy each other's company, support each other in living more sustainable lives, and we host fantastic swaps!

We're looking forward to seeing everyone on Oct. 16th.  If you have any questions, please email us at ecoparentslawrence@gmail.com

  On Saturday, Oct. 16th, Eco-Parents will host a Children's Clothing Swap at the Douglas Co. Fairgrounds, Bldg. 2.  The swap will take place from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM and everyone is welcome. 
  This will be an opportunity for you to bring in old clothes that your children have out-grown or simply can't wear and exchange them for something else.  The success of this event depends on having enough clothes and everyone bringing in their old items to swap.  We really encourage you to dig through your closets and find some good stuff. 

  The event starts at 2:00 but you can come at 1:30 to check-in.  When checking-in we will count the number of items you bring and give you that number of "tickets" which will be your swap currency.  At 2:00 you can start shopping.  When you are done simply bring your selected items and tickets to the check out.  We'll verify that you are leaving with the same number of items you came with and you can go.  If you would like to shop but don't have anything to swap, we will sell tickets for a nominal fee ($1.00 - 2.00)  All proceeds will be used to offset costs for the event.  

  While this swap is free, we are requesting donations at the door to help cover the cost of the event.  A $1.00 per person donation is suggested.

  Here are the rest of the rules:
  1.  This is a one-to-one swap.  In other words, if you bring in 3 items you can exchange them for three other items.  If you bring in items but don't see anything you would like to take, you must still leave what you have brought.

  2.  All items must be in CLEAN, wearable condition.  They don't have to be perfect but they do need to be appropriate to wear to school.  In other words, please don't bring anything you wouldn't let your own child wear.  If we determine that an item is not in good enough condition to swap, you may either take it back home with you or leave on the free table at the entrance.  It will not count as part of your swap total.

  3.  Small items like socks and underwear can be put in quart sized ziplock bags and will count as one item.  Again, please only bring items that are clean and in good condition.  All items (other than those in bags) will count as one ticket regardless of size.

  4.  We will only take boys and girls clothing and shoes - infant sizes through teens.  No maternity wear, old toys, strollers, or other baby gear.
  5.  All items left at the end of the day will be donated to an area community center, school, or other non-profit (Penn House, SSL, etc.).  You may not come back to retrieve your old items. 

  Also - we are looking for CLOTHING DONATIONS and VOLUNTEERS!  If you don't think you can attend but have clothes you are willing to donate, please email and we'll make arrangements to pick them up. 
We want to have a good selection there for people to choose from.  We will also need people to help out the day of the swap.  If you are interested, please email Kim Bellemere at ecoparentslawrence@gmail.com.  In exchange for volunteering, you will be able to "shop" before the doors open on the 16th and through out the event.  We will need people there starting at 12:00 to help set up and check people in, to help direct "traffic", and to help tear down after the event. 

Clothing Swap date is set!

Okay everyone - we've set the date for the swap.  Tell your friends and start going through your closets.
The Eco-Parents Fall Children's Clothing Swap will be Saturday, Oct. 16th from 2:00 - 4:00 PM at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, Building 2. 
We're still working on the guidelines but they'll be pretty much the same as last spring.  As soon as they're done, I'll email and post on the blog and Facebook page.  In fact, if you are one Facebook, I really encourage you to fan the page so you'll get the latest info.
If you have suggestions to improve the swap and/or things you'd like to see us do this year, please email.  We'll try to incorporate any ideas that we can.  Also, a number of wonderful, incredible people emailed and said that they could help.  THANK YOU!!  I'll get in touch with each of you asap to talk about what we need done.  We need help with some of the planning tasks as well as volunteers on the 16th.  It's a super busy time of year so we really appreciate any help you can provide.
Stay tuned for further info. 

Fwd: Saturday picnic and playdate - more details/possible rain?

Hi, everyone:

I just heard that there is a chance for rain this afternoon.  If it is raining when we're supposed to meet at the park this afternoon, we'll reschedule.  If there's just a little drizzle, we'll go ahead.  Just use your judgement and if it seems too wet to play outside, feel free to stay home and we'll do it another time.  Hope the rain stays away we see you all this afternoon.

Saturday picnic and playdate - more details

Hi everyone -
A number of people have asked where Bucky's park is and about the food.  Sorry about that - this is what happens when I get in a hurry.
"Bucky's park" is actually the SE corner of Centennial Park, more or less at 9th and Iowa.  It's across the street from The Merc, behind Beimer's BBQ.  You can park in the lot just to the west of the BBQ place.  Beimer's was once Bucky's - that's why some people still call the area Bucky's park.
There is a large shelter and play area there.  I did not reserve the shelter (that costs money) but if someone else is using it, there's plenty of room in the vicinity for us to use.  We'll just spread our blankets and have our own fun.
Bring your own picnic food for your family and any games you think would be fun.  This will be just a relaxed gathering of friends.
Hope to see you all there!

Reminder for Sat. playdate/picnic

Hi everyone!
Just a reminder that the Eco-Parents are having a playdate picnic at Bucky's park on Saturday.  Come at 4:00 to play then stay and eat with the gang.  We'll also try and talk for a few minutes about the clothing swap in Oct.
Hope to see everyone there!
P.S  If you no longer want to receive Eco-Parents emails, please let me know.  I'll be sure to get your name off the list.