Clothing Swap date is set!

Okay everyone - we've set the date for the swap.  Tell your friends and start going through your closets.
The Eco-Parents Fall Children's Clothing Swap will be Saturday, Oct. 16th from 2:00 - 4:00 PM at the Douglas County Fairgrounds, Building 2. 
We're still working on the guidelines but they'll be pretty much the same as last spring.  As soon as they're done, I'll email and post on the blog and Facebook page.  In fact, if you are one Facebook, I really encourage you to fan the page so you'll get the latest info.
If you have suggestions to improve the swap and/or things you'd like to see us do this year, please email.  We'll try to incorporate any ideas that we can.  Also, a number of wonderful, incredible people emailed and said that they could help.  THANK YOU!!  I'll get in touch with each of you asap to talk about what we need done.  We need help with some of the planning tasks as well as volunteers on the 16th.  It's a super busy time of year so we really appreciate any help you can provide.
Stay tuned for further info. 

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