Saturday picnic and playdate - more details

Hi everyone -
A number of people have asked where Bucky's park is and about the food.  Sorry about that - this is what happens when I get in a hurry.
"Bucky's park" is actually the SE corner of Centennial Park, more or less at 9th and Iowa.  It's across the street from The Merc, behind Beimer's BBQ.  You can park in the lot just to the west of the BBQ place.  Beimer's was once Bucky's - that's why some people still call the area Bucky's park.
There is a large shelter and play area there.  I did not reserve the shelter (that costs money) but if someone else is using it, there's plenty of room in the vicinity for us to use.  We'll just spread our blankets and have our own fun.
Bring your own picnic food for your family and any games you think would be fun.  This will be just a relaxed gathering of friends.
Hope to see you all there!

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